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Yellow Tile for Summer

Yellow is an intriguing color in many ways and so is yellow tile in general. A very well known color psychologist in the United Kingdom is the highly regarded, Ms. Angela Wright. On her website, Colour Affects, she tells us that there are eleven emotional colors. One of them is yellow which is described as being somewhat uber-emotional. Taking a different view, in Hinduism, yellow is thought to be the color of knowledge and learning. A color value symbolizing a state of happiness and peace, with a meditative aspect that drives competence and mental development. It is the color of a spring that leads to a summer.  A color that prods the mind. So let’s focus now on Yellow Tile  and what a few applications.
yellow tile for summer

via Moore-Merkowitz

The very readable website, Adorable Home, recently said, the color yellow is marvelous for almost any room of your home but can be especially nice in a bathroom. Reminiscent of sunshine and with a fresh feel to it, a yellow bathroom can be just what you are looking for and make your home stand out from the rest. Whether you choose bright yellow or a paler version is up to your own personal taste”. A fine version of yellow, in a more golden color value,  is above via  Moore-Merkowitz.

Lisbon Metro

We  agree wholeheartedly with Adorable Home that the bath area is a dynamic application for the color yellow and it’s cousins. We also wish to point out how it is has been used historically below and commercially immediately above and at the top of this post at The FIU school Architecture in Miami.

Ishtar Gate

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