Winter White Stone Skyline Polished via Marble Systems

Winter White Stone

Like it or not, winter awaits us. Well, not so fast. My pals in Florida, Arizona and Southern California are trying hard not to openly smirk as they read. Be that as it may, the seasons march on inexorably. If, like me, you don’t reside in the aforementioned warmer climes, then snow is probably in your future. Considering that for a moment, I tumbled to a thought on a mood altering approach to a design plan. Namely,  Winter White Stone with a nicely layered visual.

winter white stone

via Marble Systems

There is conversation, in this space and elsewhere, that all white interiors, particularly stark white, may have reached a high water mark of sorts. The well regarded Country Living website says: “craving more color? You’re in luck! Interiors are (finally) moving away from all white and gray“. That said, another approach might be to “layer” the white using stone that allows the design plan to maintain the clean, hygienic  ambience that white presents while introducing another warming color value or two. Hence, the Winter White Stone idea.

winter white Stone

via Marble Systems

I don’t think anyone is doing this better than Marble Systems with their Skyline Collection. I have taken the liberty of posting three images from that collection. Please take note of the overall white concept that is warmed up a bit by the natural striations and movement in the stone. My version of Winter White Stone indeed!

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