Why Grout Matters

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This page is to help with why “Grout Matters”. At DesignTile.com we want to educate you on exactly that subject because Grout does matter….

Grout is the only installation product that is visible after the installation. If you choose the right grout it will provide that final finishing designer touch rather than just being a benign color of grout that will also shade or fade over time. In Addition many grouts are corrosives or contain toxins and poisons, lets explain….

Grout Types

Grouts come in many types, cement based, ready to use acrylics, and epoxy based. The very best in performance are always epoxy chemistries. While many grouts make claims of epoxy like performance it should be noted that these claims are always comparing to the standard of Epoxy, so why buy Epoxy Like when you can have the real thing…. a true epoxy grout?

Epoxy grouts have traditionally been more difficult to apply, installers may have had a past experience that was not very pleasant with certain types of epoxy grouts.

The grout we sell at DesignTile.com is called Starlike Grout. Starlike grout is as easy to apply as any grout in the market and is sold in over 140 countries. Starlike Grouts possess all the positive traits of epoxy without the negative ones, that is why at DesignTile.com we sell only Starlike Grouts

Why Starlike?
-beyond being easy to install:



100’s of options are available from classic colors, bright glamor colors, glitters, metallics, glass grout, and the “Lipstick and Eyeliner” for glass tiles- Crystal Glass Grout Jewels!

Highest Performance

Grout has always been the weakest link, traditional grouts shade, fade and are difficult to maintain and require constant cleaning and sealing regularly if you want to have a chance to keep them clean and free of mold and mildew.

Not with Starlike Grouts! There is no shading, no fading, no sealing ever required!

Starlike Grouts are 100% Epoxy grout that won’t crack out or mold like cement grouts do over time. Starlike Grouts hold up to chemical attack and can be used indoor or outdoor on any installation even pools and steam applications.

Pet and Kid Friendly

Starlike Grouts do not add chemistries like heavy metals, poisons or toxins like all other grouts do. Do you want your floor dwelling pets to stick their noses into heavy metals or toxins that the grout companies use to make marketing claims of effectiveness? Look at the label, if they make a claim of “Protected by XXX Brand”, or state that mold and mildew chemistries are added for protection…. then they most certainly do have these undesirable chemicals in them! You do have a choice, the choice of not to have these chemistries around your home, and you won’t when you use high quality and friendly Starlike Grouts that simply doesn’t require them.

Safest Chemistry

Safest Chemistry in the world market, Starlike Grouts are all a part of the ZHERORisk® family of products. These are a result of an independent EU funded initiative to find chemistries to insure all of these types of installation products have no risks.

No risks to the installers, the homes or buildings they are used in, there are also no transportation risks or no environmental risks associated with Starlike grouts. The fact we can ship Starlike grouts as non-hazardous freight when all other epoxies must ship as hazardous freight is additional proof of the safety of Starlike Grouts.


when you look at total value of a tile or stone project Starlike Grouts can be as little as a 60.00 upgrade over cement grout. Add a bottle of sealer to seal your traditional grout for 30.00 and the investment for Starlike is down to only 30.00 more. Then consider the fact you never have to reseal saving both time and money, then Starlike Grout will actually cost you less over time.

Why not spend a little more up front to solve the weakest link? Grout is not where you should compromise when investing so much in your tile or stone project. What was before the weakest link in the tile or stone project is now elevated to a critical performance, fashion and safety enhancement. Money well spent upfront to provide years of enjoyment due to the enhanced performance.

Yes, the only conclusion is “Grout Matters” and Starlike Grout is the world’s standard in fashion, performance and safety, now available at DesignTile.com.