White Marble as Theatre

What defines elegance more than white marble? When Michelangelo created his David he chose white marble. The  Lincoln Memorial, in both beauty and patriotic stature serves as a shining example of a white marble monument. In a certain vernacular, why not then consider White Marble as Theatre?

marble as theatre

via WikiCommons

Beyond this, lies the still ongoing trend in white marble usage in all forms of architecture and design. The fine home site RiverBend.com had a guest post from GlamourMash.com. We quote, “One trend gaining speed in the decorating world is the use of white marble. It seems that everywhere you look white marble is replacing darker granite, river rock and tile. Which is no surprise when you consider just how beautiful, clean and fresh looking this design element is. White marble can look great in every room in your home especially the kitchen and bath.”

This trend is music to our ears! In many cases, the White Marble as Theatre concept starts with the marble blocks. One of our favorite sources is the Danby quarry in Vermont. The bright, clean white marble that is quarried there has satisfied kitchen marble ideas, bathroom marble ideas, and many other concepts for decades.

white marble as theatre

via Vermont Quarries

Naturally, any serious white marble conversation should include Italian whites. Consider, for example, classic Bianco Carrara from Bacci Marmi, as perfectly rendered in the image below.

white marble as theatre

via Bacci Marmi

If you would like White Marble as Theatre to come to the stage that is your life, text me at 305.986.1046. I will direct you to a local professional who will become your “producer”. Thanks for reading!

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