Trends in Green

I recently discovered the proper appreciation for a translucent green color value. Working through my thoughts on trends in green, took me to an old and trusted source of inspiration, There, I found  a robust seller from Irvine, California offering green agate coasters, as shown below and at the top of this post.

Trends in green

via Etsy

The seller, Heidi, says that, “agates are typically formed in cavities of volcanic rock. Over time, silica rich water seeping through the rock deposits minerals on the inside of these cavities. Gradually, layers of silicate material build up eventually filling the cavity completely. The layers often have subtle differences in mineral content giving the agate a banded appearance”. Reading further, I saw that Heidi added that this particular “Brazilian Agate is unique in color and exhibits natural marbling. Some even have crystals”.

Perhaps the obvious question is why a site devoted largely to stone, tile and glass would be yakking away over the ethereal qualities of coasters. There are three simple reasons. First, the real topic is “trends in green”, and the amazing color values shown here clearly fit that bill. Second, Brazilian agate, even as a coaster, is a mineral; therefore is close enough for a stone guy to appreciate. Third, the visual similarities to certain elements of the ceramic tile and glass mosaic world are apparent. This is readily indicated in the vibrant greens from the always reliable tile elves at Mercury Mosaics in Minnesota. A smattering of that palette is seen below:

trends in Green

via Mercury Mosaics

I am, of course, compelled  to extol the further virtues of high quality ceramic tile. Not only do they bring color to a design plan, but tiles can add shape, scale, texture, ambience and be suggestive of mood. I hope that the image below is a fine example of just how uniquely flexible this product category is!

via Mercury Mosaics

In closing, many thanks to Etsy, and their seller Heidi; her agate can be found here. As always, the Mercury Mosaics folks are continuing to do great work and have our respect. Thanks for reading; please download my “Designing with Color” e-Book right here.

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