Trending Moody Colors

The fashion forward blogger, Holly Becker , recently posted an inspiring piece on her site  This is quite  an interesting site in general  and I think that it offers a wide perspective on style and design. What caught my eye was called three “Trending Moody Colors”.  This was contributed by Barcelona based interior stylist Gudy Herder. Before we dig into Gudy’s thoughts, mood and color have a long and well researched history. For example, the very well recognized , Ms. Angela Wright, on her website Colour Affects tells us that there are eleven emotional colors and spends quite a bit of time on that site working through their complexities. So, as you can see, there are lots of reason to drill down into Trending Moody Colors and how you can address them, in this case, with glass mosaics.

At the top of this post is an evocative image, via Farrow and Ball, that certainly fits the moody description in the gray color value. Ms. Herder says that these “moody greys can be comforting and are very much in vogue this season in textiles such as thick knits, crumpled linens and tactile fabrics adding a wonderful link to walls painted in a similar shade.”

Moving along with Gudy, we come to the idea of a moody green and she tells us that “moody moss green is probably the least seen and used domestic wall color so far and mostly applied in styling projects. Pantone called the jewelry tone Emerald the color of the year and we have been observing a flawless transition towards a more moody and richer green inspired by the huge indoor gardening and local farming trend”. Below left you will see an example of a moody green from Ms. Herder and then to the right a paired Italian glass mosaic, “hemlock”. How is that for mood?

trending moody colors

Lastly and with perhaps a small nod to a British band of my youth are moody blues. Again from Gudy we hear that “deep, dark blue tones are taking over currently in the interior color scheme. I’d describe it as greyish-petrol. Blue is considered a cold color but this hue embodies a wonderful moody atmosphere inviting you to read, sit by the fireplace, gather around table for hours and to relax. A quick peek below couples the described blue with the rangy glass value, “glimmer”.

trending moody colors

We hope these thoughts on mood and color inspire you and as always, thanks for reading!

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