Stone Fountains for the Yard

A stone fountain is seldom a frivolous decoration. Rather, it’s a feature  piece and  design focal point that enhances the home’s aesthetic — contributing both beauty and tranquility. Aside from perhaps the family pet, very few things say ‘welcome home’ more than the trickling of water to calm the soul and the nightly illumination of spurts and streams to please the eye. Let’s discuss Stone Fountains for the Yard.

Exterior Splendor

Utilizing some professional expertise and the vast array of architectural stone materials that are currently available, you can create a stone fountain that will accentuate your exterior design plans for yard or patio. It may not be quite as grand as The Trevi Fountain at the top of this post…but you get my point!

Stone Fountains for the Yard

via Vermont Quarries

For example, start with a limestone or perhaps a marble. The legendary Danby Marble from Vermont, shown above, would be a great choice. Almost every area of the country has a fabricator who can take your basic stone selection and render it into an architectural element. Simply  start with a rough drawing or a picture of what you want.  After the the creation of shop drawings, your fountain will be on its way to production. If you have trouble finding such a fabricator locally…I can help you with that very easily. BTW, check out a cool fountain from Stone Forest in New Mexico below.

via Stone Forest

Another approach is to find a local stone yard and purchase some boulders. Then find a mason to build you something like what you see below. Almost certainly a plumber and perhaps an electrician would be needed to complete the project. On the other hand, if you are a DIY monster have at it yourself.

Stone Fountains for the Yard

via WikiHow

From Architectural Stone to Hand-made Tiles

Stone Fountains for the Yard do not begin and end with just stone. In particular, hand molded style ceramic tiles are a perfect complement to the overall design scheme. Seneca Tiles in Ohio is a great source for such a product. Below is an example of what we mean in terms of a hand molded material.

via Seneca Tiles

In conclusion, this is a fascinating topic and much easier to realize than you might think. Give me a call at any time, 305.986.1046. Thanks for reading!




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