This 2.5kg (5.5lb) bucket of Starlike EVO’s 300 Azzurro Pastello is part of our Glamor Collection, which features a 10 designer colors of grout, all carefully selected to ensure your unique personality and taste is realized on your tile backsplash or decorative tile job.

Starlike® EVO Classic Grout is a patented two-part epoxy grout offering color consistency, ease of use, and extremely low VOCs. Our grout is stain proof and crack resistant making it very durable and easy to maintain. It is a bacteriostatic product which prevents the spread of fungi and molds. Additionally, there are three different shimmer additives (Galaxy, Gold and Spotlight) that provide unique finish options when added to the grout.

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Starlike EVO Epoxy Grout 300 Azzurro Pastello Glamor Collection 2.5 kg – 5.5 lbs.

Starlike EVO is the world’s leading high-performance grout.

Litokol’s Epoxy grout is extremely easy to install and maintain. It is stain proof, bacteriostatic and environmentally friendly. It can be used as an adhesive, grout and wall finish (see Starlike Decor).

About This Product

Our NEW Starlike EVO tile grout is a Two-component, Acid Resistant epoxy grout for laying and grouting all types of tiles and mosaics with joints 1mm (3/64) to 15 mm (19/32) in. width. World’s leading high performance and high fashion grouting material. This Litokol Epoxy grout is extremely easy to install and maintain. Can also be used as an adhesive. You can purchase any of several Tile Doctor Shimmer / Glitter additives (Galaxy, Gold or Spotlight) that you can add to any of our 150 grout colors for endless mixing possibilities. This product has ultra-low volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions. When applying grout to tile we recommend using The Tile Doctor Green Epoxy Float. This float is specially designed to spread grout into joints when grouting tile with epoxy-based grout.


  • Starlike EVO is the only product in the world that can be used in different ways: epoxy Filler for joints and as a Class R2T adhesive (improved reactive adhesive with no vertical slip)
  • Extremely easy application and cleaning, even compared to normal cementitious sealants; prevents color pigment leakage onto ceramic surfaces; stable and uniform coloring for all types of tiles with exclusive color effects
  • When installing epoxy grout make sure to follow directions and use the proper tools listed in the instruction manual; mix the 2 parts with a small mixer on a drill at a low speed as to not heat up the grout but to mix it thoroughly; also use a green float that is for epoxy grout only
  • Mixture life: approximately 1 hour at T = +23 °C (73.4 °F) recommended application temperature: recommended between +18°C to +23°C (64.4°F to +73.4°F) walkable after: 24 hours at T= +23°C (73.4°F) ready for use: 5 days at T= +23°C (73.4°F)
  • Total absence of cracking or crazing during hardening; excellent chemical resistance; unlike other epoxy mortars on the market, the Starlike EVO catalyst (part B) is labelled Xi – irritant; it is not corrosive nor dangerous for the environment
  • Suitable for grouting: porcelain stoneware, clinker, glass mosaic, metallic mosaic, natural stone, reconstituted stone, wood, pebbles, glass bricks
  • Suitable for laying and grouting floors and walls in: bathrooms, shower cubicles, swimming pools, thermal baths, saunas, Turkish baths
  • Recommended: Use Tile Doctor Green Epoxy Float for best results when grouting tile with epoxy – based grout.

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