Litolevel is a Pro Leveling Spacer System

Litolevel helps you achieve a perfectly leveled tile floor. This simple and fast tile laying system eliminates lippage between tiles. This affordable 3 piece, non-friction system, ensures that your tiles do not shift out of place when installing or removing.

  • Complete Tile Leveling System containing 150 base pieces, 150 cone pieces and 150 nut pieces.
  • Fast and Easy 3 Piece System – Base that is inserted under tile, a reusable Cone that you place over the base like a ring, and the reusable Nut that screws onto base applying vertical pressure allowing the installer to control tightness and adjust the tile level without horizontally shifting the tiles and ruining the tile alignment
  • Suitable for various tiles including ceramic tile, natural stone tiles, stone slabs, large porcelain panels, etc.
  • Designed to level tiles with a thickness range of 1/8″-1/2″, and creating narrow joints of 1/16″. Creating joints wider than 1/16″, with the purchase of our tile spacers in the preferred size
  • Great for DIY projects, first time, as well as professional installers. Leave the Litolevel system in place until adhesive is fully set ensuring tiles will not shift. Unlike fully reusable leveling systems, you do not need to go back and remove while adhesive is still wet and then have your tiles shift.



Installation Process

1. After applying the adhesive, insert the base under each side of the tile. Depending on the size of the tile and the selected installation design, insert one or more bases on each side of the tile.

In the case of large tiles and thin slabs, back-buttering is necessary (application of glue on substrate and back of tile) to ensure total coverage of the back of the tile, combined with perfect joining by tapping with a white rubber mallet on tiles, or using a specific tile vibrator on thin slabs.

2. Position the second row of tiles and level it using a white rubber mallet.

3. Insert the cone onto the base. Screw down the nut, applying the necessary force to level the tiles.

4. Once the adhesive has dried, to recover the reusable parts (cone and nut) the nuts should be unscrewed and removed together with the hoods, before removing or breaking the bases. The bases can be removed using a white rubber mallet or your foot. The base must be struck in the same direction as the tile joint line.

Litolevel Nut

The Litolevel nut is made of rigid plastic and has been designed for easy insertion into the base. The nut is reusable and can be used hundreds of times.

Litolevel Cone

The Litolevel cone is practical and very easy to use. It is made of rigid plastic, allowing efficient tile leveling. It is reusable and can be used hundreds of times.

Litolevel Base

The Litolevel base is designed to level tiles with thickness from 3 mm to 12 mm (1/8″ – 1/2″), creating narrow joints measuring 1.5 mm (1/16″).

Wider joints are possible through the combined use of LITOLEVEL and cross or “T” tile spacers in the preferred size and in any case greater than 1.5 mm (1/16″).