Paint and Tile Colors for Summer 2017

Color selections in design plans generally involve both paint and tile. Typically, the two mediums are tied together as part of a moveable feast of interdependent finishes. That said, Architectural Digest recently discussed top selling colors from the paint giant Benjamin Moore. Our goal in this post is to cite the AD article and pair those paint color values to a series of rich ceramic tile colors, giving us “Paint and Tile Colors for Summer 2017”.

The Architectural Digest article, referenced above, was nicely written by Ms. Katherine McGrath. Ms. McGrath marries the Benjamin Moore descriptions of each color value, with her own thoughts on them. We will follow her lead .

Accordingly,  below: Dinner Party is a rich marsala red that feels romantic and warm”, Peach Parfait is a soft shade that reminds us of creamsicles and peach pie”, Rich Cream is an indispensable neutral, this rich shade is reminiscent of sweet almond crème custard”, and “Guilford Green features soothing moss-green tones that would fit in both traditional and contemporary settings” and Shaker Beige  “is an inviting mid-toned tan that evokes the elements of a lazy beach hideaway”.

Paint and Tile Colors for Summer 2017

Above, Palladian Blue is calm and relaxed”, Lily Lavender is “two beloved flowers that provide the color inspiration for this lighter mid-tone purple”, Wrought Iron is a moody, chalky gray that has been on-trend as of late“, “Revere Pewter is alight gray with warm undertones” and lastly White Dove  “is an inviting mid-toned tan that evokes the elements of a lazy beach hideaway”.

We took the liberty of curating a group of ceramic tile glaze colors as shown below. Ceramic tile goes through a firing process in the production phase and therefore the colors are a bit less exact than their paint dopplegangers.

All that said, it is usually a slippery slope to line up colors across mediums; fabric to paint to tile to paper, they will all reveal their respective colors uniquely. Consequently, the images gathered for the tile swatches above are somewhat virtual, in that they were gathered from a variety of producers as each color warranted.

In conclusion, I hope you gathered some overall trending color ideas from Benjamin Moore via Architectural Digest; then found a few representative approaches in ceramic tile. Please text me at 3059861046 for any specific questions and as always, thanks for reading.

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