Monochrome Design

Monochrome design certainly has legs within current design plans. It would be fair to say that color is one of the most significant items in an interior area. However, there are many instances where the color decisions in a space begin to slow the design process to a halt. Should we do this? Should we do that? What statement will this or that make? There is another approach to be taken, however, and that is a monochrome design.

monochrome design
A little bit of definition first. Monochrome literally means one color. In the context of interior design, the well thought of web site tells us that “a monochromatic color scheme, then, is one using only one color in varying shades. The result is a sophisticated and simple ambiance, suitable for any room”. They then illustrate their point with the bedroom image above featuring multiple soft linen values.
monochrome design
More evidence of the traction that monochrome design is enjoying is found on a very interesting site, Stylizimo. There, they are  showing  superb examples of restyled kitchens, from the somewhat traditional above to the sleeker more minimalist below.
monochrome design
As a true homage to all things monochrome, ceramic tile  offers an almost endless number of combinations and no one exhibits this better than Lushome. Check out the black on black elegance below.

via Lushome

Monochrome design can help you realize a complicated design plan with less metal clutter in the decision making process. Thanks for reading!

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