Magic & Metal Tile

Do you believe in magic? Since it manifests itself in so many ways we must answer in the affirmative. The magic of illusion, the magic of nature, the magic of form meeting function. These are but a few examples if you will allow your imagination to expand the meaning of the word to also include wonder. That being said, today we briefly examine Magic & Metal Tile.

The renowned Chicago metal designer, Ted Lowitz, has been a friend to our efforts with both his thoughts and his inspirational metal work. We recently turned to Ted again for a few admittedly random thoughts on the magic of metal tile.

On metal tile in the home, Ted offered, “I love the times when I walk into my kitchen or my living room and the light is coming through the window in a particular way. Perhaps it’s reflecting off the brass finial of a lamp, or maybe it’s near sunset and the amber sunlight happens to land a certain way. These are the moments we try to create by making metal tiles — moments when you enter a room and something special – something magical – catches your eye and you’re so happy to see it, happy to be there, happy that this place is your home.”

via Ted Lowitz

Then, on the symbiotic relationship between metal and stone, Ted said, “Stone and metal can be such beautiful, noble materials. I especially love stone that has luminosity – some marbles, onyx, of course. And I love stone that has a little spark to it, like Materials Marketing’s Pietra Serena as shown below. It has a very subtle, understated sparkle to it. Adding metal accents or trim makes these sparks really come alive. The two materials reinforce each other; each one makes the other look better. It’s like two voices singing in harmony. Each makes the other better, more compelling. It’s kind of magical when it happens.”

via Ted Lowitz

There are people in the world that may dream better dreams than the rest of us. Mr. Ted Lowitz is probably one of them, and perhaps those nocturnal visions power his approach to metal tile. It is an approach that allows for an additional design element, metal, to be introduced into any design plan. We all greatly benefit by association with Ted and his like.

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