Glorious Green Tile

Green is a mainstay in design. Especially in terms of the many ways it can be used as a color value in an interior design plan. Recently, we read a piece written by Mary Carol Garrity of Nell Hill’s fame in which Mary Carol discussed green as a design element. Ms. Garrity starts off big by saying, “if you asked me to pick my favorite shade of green for decorating, I’d say, “All of them!” When it comes to working with Mother Nature’s favorite color, every tone and tint is a winner. Green can be the main event in a room, shaking it to its core with over-the-top drama, or it can be a soft whisper, providing the background that allows other features in the room to shine”. Glorious green tile in multiple formats is the topic for today.

The image of  The City Palace in Udaipur at the top of this post might be a great example of “over the top drama” as Mary Carol mentioned. On the other hand, glass mosaics and tile in general have historically been as flexible a medium as there is. Perhaps you will agree that the use of the multiple green tile color values below are a touch more subtle.

golrious green tile

Ms. Garrity also mentions green playing the role of backdrop allowing other elements to shine. As seen below, green tile from our friends at Moore-Merkowitz in Alfred, N.Y. set tone and ambience in a kitchen setting.

It is always my pleasure to match color with ceramic tile and glass mosaic. Thanks for reading!

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