Fall Color Trends 2014

The Fall landscape provides us with many opportunities for design creativity from a color perspective. Most of us see the autumnal color palette on a regular basis as we simply live our lives. Images like the one at the top of this post inspire us regularly. For the moment however, as we consider Fall Color Trends 2014, let’s step outside that box.

We find a Euro site, DesignBuildIdeas, to have quite a few interesting interpretations on design thought. Especially as they move inexorably across the pond, so to speak. With that said, we can start a quick discussion of four of their recent design ideas that can help drive you in your thoughts on Fall Color Trends 2014.

The first would be the mixing and matching of metals and textures. We interpret that to allow metal accents to play in design schemes with natural stone. In a color scheme fashion you can then introduce bronze, gold, silver, zinc and more. Balance them artfully with natural stone backgrounds as shown below.

Fall Color Trends 2014

via Ted Lowitz

As we continue to move away from classic Fall ideas, please consider jewel tones as a design component. Our friends at Design Build Ideas suggest “beautiful dark purples, blues and greens for the fall season. Many of these colors transfer well into winter and they will add depth to your home design”. Naturally, as purveyors of stone, tile, metal and glass we see glass as an enviable medium for the introduction of jewel tones. Take a look below, for example.

via WikiCommons

To complement the jewel tones, try the neutral of the moment gray. Then gracefully position diagonal lines in the plan to enhance the composition. OK, this may be far afield from typical Autumn style, but then again that was our intention. Thanks for reading

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