Disaster Resistant Container Homes

Disaster Resistant Container Homes

Natural disasters, such as earthquakes and hurricanes seem to be on the rise year in and year out.   Adequate preparation can reduce the impact on structures greatly. When we think of how to prepare for these occurrences, what may come to mind, are hurricane and earthquake structures that yield disaster resistant container homes.  Containers are known for their durability and sturdiness. Many nations of the world are investing in these containers to be prepared for any case of natural disasters.

Surviving Earthquakes with Disaster Resistant Container Homes

A sturdy container can help in earthquake zones.  Since containers are designed to be piled on each other, they provide the type of much needed structural reliability that can survive an earthquake. Nations such as Haiti, that have experienced a disastrous 7.0 earthquake, now look to shipping containers to protect themselves from potential future disasters. The containers are great ways of building sturdy structures that can withstand the fury of earthquakes. Whether you want to protect yourself or your belongings, a container will be the perfect material for your structure.

Surviving Storms and Hurricanes with Disaster Resistant Container Homes

Hurricanes are a problem that this year has certainly emphasized. Again, shipping containers are sturdy and rugged and this makes them viable to withstand a storm. During Hurricane Irma, when building structures were destroyed, shipping containers were some of the structures that withstood the storm. Hurricane Harvey was also so deadly that many properties were lost. During this period, container apartments were temporarily constructed to accommodate the victims of the hurricane. Shipping containers are designed to be air and water tight because they were originally built to be used on the sea. They are also able to travel fast against high speed water and wind. Earthquake and hurricane resistant container homes can become the perfect haven for you and your belongings.

Disaster Resistant Container Homes

Surviving with Shelters and Bunkers

Containers are a great choice when considering building a structure that will stand the test of time. Whether it is to prepare for the zombie apocalypse or a storm, you can never go wrong with a container. For shelter and bunkers, you can modify the container to suit your need. From ventilation to insulation, air/heating conditioning to windows/doors, and electrical installation can make a container habitable.

When constructing hurricane and earthquake hesitant container homes, care must be taken in the placement. The container is built to withstand extreme pressure but not corrosive soil. If your plan is to have the container structure underground, you need to hire a professional to advise you  and to help ensure that the structure is perfectly built. For  professional advice, please contact us.

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Ara Lagzi at S3DA Design LLC

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