Design Tips from Nature

There is an inevitable point in the design process where angst begins to inhabit the lives of the participants. The open questions continue to outnumber the answers. Color, scale, texture, pattern, what to leave in; what to leave out. Maybe one way to sort some things out is to take a few Design Tips from Nature.

There is superb website,, that we read and try to absorb on a regular basis. They once gave us a post entitled “10 Design Lessons You Can Learn From Nature”. Perhaps we should take a look at the first five for the purposes of todays post.

Natural Beauty – The introduction of more nature into any interior space always seems to make more and more sense as you reflect upon the idea. says that, “the beauty of the natural world is all around us, just waiting to inspire your home decor—you just need to stop for a moment, taking it all in and then replicating it within your home”.

Colors of Nature – In particular, don’t be afraid to mix colors. Nature certainly isn’t!

Bring Nature Inside – Freshome asks us, “when was the last time you went on a hike and brought home some lovely leaves, stones, twigs or acorns?”

Nature is Random – The route that nature takes to form a shoreline is both a mystery and a wonder, as you see in the image at the top of this post.In many cases, why not follow your heart on the random course it wants to take in designing a space?

design tips from nature

Nature is Also Well Organized – Time and tide comes to mind in the natural world. With that said, utility and the organization that it implies, should never be ignored in your design plan.

Stone is a great example of a natural element for modern interiors. These Design Tips from Nature can serve as a guide for your design journey.

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