Danby Marble

When you see something so appealing and naturally beautiful, it lifts your spirit and inspires your soul. Sometimes its beauty even takes your breath away. This is Danby marble. This prestigious stone’s natural beauty captures the eye and commands a presence. Its distinctive white hue and subtle to prominent veining is clean, sleek, sophisticated and ranges from muted tans to smoky grays. An Architectural Material that Says “Welcome Home”

danby marble

via Vermont Quarries

When you say marble to many people, they automatically think of it as an import from Europe, perhaps Italy, but this attractive and popular marble is 100% American and quarried  in Vermont—it’s the largest marble quarry in the world.
This domestic gift of nature has been extracted from the Dorset Mountain for over 100 years; a quarry that can yield up to 4,000 square feet of marble slabs each day. The size of the quarry is equally impressive with a 25-acre footprint and its depth stretches to an impressive 1 and ½ miles. This means the stone is perfectly capable of handling projects of almost any size and scale.
Danby has been used in many historical state and federal landmark buildings including the Lincoln Memorial and the United States Senate just to name a few. Danby marble performs exceptionally well because of its durability and low absorption. It is also a member of the U.S. Green Building Council and has a reduced-carbon footprint making it safe for the environment. The marble is also Greenguard Indoor Air Quality certified for low chemical emissions

danby marble

vis Vermont Quarries

Danby marble is perfect for installing pristine countertops, an impressive spiral staircase that ascends two floors or a serene spa-inspired bath. The flexibility of this natural stone effortlessly compliments both interiors and exteriors. Danby can transform window and door surrounds, columns and moldings or it can even be incorporated in the design plans and construction of a gazebo, pool or fountain, etc.

From old-world elegance to American contemporary, Danby marble elevates the integrity of architectural design through superior quality and timeless appeal—a combination that demonstrates exquisite taste. Consider the inclusion of America’s finest white marble in your renovation or construction projects. The architectural capabilities of Danby marble are practically limitless and the end results will more than likely create  a conversation piece in your home. Thank for reading!

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