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Classy Coral

As the Spring surrenders to the Summer, it is interesting to note how Classy Coral seems to be finding it’s way into trade magazines and design oriented blog posts. As we consider the why and how of this, perhaps it should not be much of a surprise given the fact that orange, a kindred spirt of coral, has been seen quite a bit in fashion forward design plans for quite a while now.

As validation of sorts, I recently revisited an edition of Architectural Digest , containing  an interesting piece that is both a father and son tale and a classic interior design magazine feature. The human interest aspect is best explained by this quote, “Courtney and Nicholas Stern enlist his father, architect Robert A.M. Stern, to help reconfigure their 19th-century Greenwich Village residence as an exquisite family home.”  Enough said there. The color inspiration is best seen in the subtle use of Classy Coral as a fabric, as shown splendidly below.

via Architectural Digest

We are quite devoted to absorbing many of the insights provided by the fine website the decoist.com. They posted an observation on coral saying that, “while bubbly Tangerine has been dubbed the in color by some, coral is a refreshing alternative that is far more elegant and equally vibrant”.  This leaves quite a bit of room for interpretation, which is perfect for coral, since saturated versions accomplish one thing and paler versions yet another thing entirely. As always, Farrow and Ball the renowned paintists seldom let us down with their take on coral below.

classy coral

via Farrow and Ball

As we certainly hope you know, we are in the stone, tile and glass business. As such, we would be remiss if we did not offer a coral suggestion from our area of expertise. Therefore, take a look below at the refined use of coral as delivered by the masters at Ceramica Vogue in Milan.

“Papaya” via Ceramica Vogue

I know, I know….quite a few takes on Classy Coral. Thanks for reading!

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