Choosing Decorative Bathroom Tile Guide

Choosing Decorative Bathroom Tile Guide - A Quick Guide from Stone and Tile Design, A Design Blog

Handy Infographic: Choosing Decorative Bathroom Tile Guide

When looking for bath design inspiration or choosing decorative bathroom tile  it’s paramount to work with someone who can provide the knowledge of every architectural material and its application in regards to space, climate and sustainability. Stone & Tile Design put together this Choosing Decorative Bathroom Tile Guide to help along the way.

The Big Picture:

Seek help with selecting the right color, pattern and texture and matching supporting elements such as lighting and hardware.

Consider the Material Finish:

While deciding on your color palette, the finishes should also be taken into consideration: Honed, Polished, Brushed, etc.

Add Impact with Mosaics:

Consider incorporating customized mosaics in stone, glass or ceramic to create focal points.

Create Patterns:

Various materials can be used to create large patterns, small patterns, interesting shapes and complexly blended finishes.

Material Performance:

Be mindful of the technical characteristics of the materials, specifically porosity and slip resistance.

Attention to Details:

Special details like moldings and surrounds give the overall design a very finished appearance.

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