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In 2014, given the advances in machinery and overall technical competencies, a producers Capabilities in Natural Stone have been increased by orders of magnitude previously unimaginable. Let’s slip behind the curtain, so to speak,  and take a look at two game changers and what they mean for your design plans

Take for example the CNC machines (computer numerical control) used to produce architectural elements such as fireplaces, stone hoods and stone columns. These machines increase accuracy and flexibility, reduce production time and human error, and infinitely increase the ability to shape and contour in affordable terms.

Waterjet cutting technology has also been highly impactful in driving Capabilities in Natural Stone to new levels. Wikipedia defines this technology as usingan industrial tool capable of cutting a wide variety of materials using a very high-pressure jet of water”. Custom murals and mosaics that once upon a time were virtually unaffordable are now within the reach of many homeowners and their design teams.

Capabilities in Natural Stone
via Vermont Quarries

Stone producers have been at the forefront of  allowing technology to drive product feasibility for their clients. Whether that is is natural stone flooring, stone countertops, stone vanity tops, stone columns or all types of mosaics the stone industry is in an enviable position to add value to a clients stone experience. Thanks for reading.

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