5 Tips for Installing Marble Subway Tile

5 Tips for Installing Marble Subway Tile

5 Tips for Installing Marble Subway Tile

Are you looking to transform your bathroom or kitchen backsplash with marble subway tile? You don’t want to miss out on these 5 installation tips.

You know what’s hot these days? Marble subway tile.

Whether redoing the walls of your shower or updating your kitchen backsplash, subway tile is a timeless look that is bound to impress your guests and add value to your home.

Creating the perfect marble subway tile project

Installing your own marble subway tile can be a daunting endeavor. Here are five tips to make your tile project easy.

1. Don’t neglect your preparations

It’s important to start right.

Before you do anything, strip the surface of all existing tile, wallpaper, or paint. Sand it down as evenly as possible to make sure your tiles adhere effectively.

Then, sketch out your layout. Start in the center of the wall and work outward, marking the measurements as you go.

If you get to the edges and find that your corners don’t look right, scrap it and start over. It’s better to take the time to do the job right than to build a lackluster backsplash that you’ll never be happy with.

If you’re planning to add any shelves, make sure you mark out the studs where you want them to go.

2. Use the right tools

The classic subway tile look is typically achieved by using 3″x6″ material. You’re also going to need to cut all the tiles as needed . And you can’t do that without a wet tile saw.

You can rent a tile saw, but there are many models you can buy for under $200.

But before you cut your tiles, make sure you are 100% sure of your measurements. Bad cuts can make your project much pricier than it needs to be.

3. Don’t jump the gun on installation

I know that you’re excited to get your tiles installed , but patience is a virtue.

Before you set anything into place, dry fit your tiles to make sure they fit properly. Use tape, if need be, to see the tiles on the wall.

4. Tackle the project one section at a time

Now that your measurements are drawn, your tile is cut, and you’ve made sure everything fits, you might be overwhelmed by the massive pile of tiles on the floor. How is all of that going to ever make it onto the walls?

Break the project into smaller sections. This will make your remodeling more manageable and allow you to work in shorter bursts of time. This is especially great if you’re trying to work around your busy work schedule.

5. Don’t forget those finishing touches

After you set your marble subway tiles into place, it’s time to seal and caulk the project.

Sealing your tile protects the color and prevents stains from sticking.

Make sure to caulk all of the edges. Tile projects typically exist near faucets, so they are susceptible to water seeping in behind the tile and damaging your walls.

A thorough caulk job will keep stray water droplets in check.


If you’ve followed all these instructions, your marble subway tile backsplash is ready to go! Celebrate with a dinner party and watch your friends marvel at your handiwork and eye for design.


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